Building Skills Partnership

BSP on “The World”, National Radio Show



BSP’s training programs for janitors at large high tech companies were highlighted in the radio feature “Silicon Valley Immigrant Janitors Learning English at Work“, which not only aired on BBC’s national weekly radio news magazine called “The World,” but also on various NPR stations in California.

At Google, Cisco, Microsoft, Stanford University and other leading Silicon Valley worksites, corporate engineers, undergraduate students, or other volunteers tutor janitors one-on-one to help them practice English, prepare for citizenship exams, or learn to use computers. This innovative practice as well as BSP’s expansion statewide have been recognized nationally by the Migration Policy Institute and with a prestigious James Irvine Foundation statewide leadership award.

By offering training at janitors’ worksites, BSP ensures that its hardest to reach members receive what for many is a second (if not first) chance at education. “Before I worked here, I had three works (jobs), and I didn’t have time for school,” said an ABM janitor originally from Mexico, who now works at Google.

To listen on The World segment above: World in Words Podcast (Begins at 2:50 mark)
To listen on BBC Radio click here: BBC World Service (Begins at 1:02 mark)