Building Skills Partnership

ESL Courses Help Janitorial Workers Succeed; BSP Classes at Google Highlighted in CleanLink

Through a collaboration with Google and Brilliant General Maintenance (BGM), BSP provides English as a Second Language classes to improve the English proficiency of immigrant janitors. Recently, BSP’s ESL classes at Google were featured in a newsletter for sanitary supply distributors, building service contractors and in-house cleaning professionals. Below is an excerpt from the article:

“Daniel Montes Jr., Brilliant’s CEO, says one of his company’s goals with the English classes is to assist his staff in moving on to bigger and better things. “While many do stay on with our business and take supervisory positions, others use the training to start their own business or move on to higher paying jobs.”

BSP is proud to bridging cultures at the workplace through English Language training with the support of Brilliant General Maintenance and Google. Read the article on how strategic partnerships are giving janitorial workers the tools to succeed here: