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Parent Worker Project: Creating a Cadre of Janitor Parents to Advocate for their Child’s Education

By engaging low-wage immigrant janitors at work, at school, and at their unions, The Parent Worker Project is developing a cadre of parent leaders to become advocates in their children’s education. In collaboration with the UCLA Labor Center, BSP is able to improve educational opportunities for janitor parents and communities.

We invite to watch the Parent Worker Project video, a visual testimony to the positive impact of our Parent Engagement program on the lives of immigrant families.

Special thanks to our funders and supporters:

W.K. Kellogg Foundation

National Council of La Raza (NCLR) 

UCLA Labor Center



Executive Director, Aida Barragan Attends National Skills Summit in DC

Last week, Aida Barragan joined advocates and policy makers at the National Skills Summit in Washington DC.

Hosted by the National Skills Coalition, Aida Barragan attended meetings and conferences with members of congress and their staff aimed at advocating for opportunities to advance a national skills agenda through a range of federal policies, including work-based learning, public assistance, higher education, immigration, funding, and infrastructure.

The conference was successful in examining the opportunities and challenges for advocates, including the potential policy vehicles that provide equitable opportunities for immigrants and other populations with basic skills barriers.





BSP Continues its Partnership with United Way in San Diego, Orange County, and Bay Area


BSP was awarded a grant from United Way of San Diego County, United Way of Orange County, and United Way Bay Area to provide free, tax filing services for SEIU-USWW members, their family, and members of the community. We are excited to continue our partnership with United Way through work extending to new sites in San Diego, Orange County and the Bay Area that will help low-income families complete their taxes this 2017.

Learn more about how to file taxes with BSP by watching the following video.

Happy New Year! See our 2016 Highlights!

Wishing you a bright 2017 from BSP! Thank you to our amazing network of staff, board members, and community partners who have allowed us to reach thousands of property service workers and their children. From our BSP family to yours, Happy New Year! We look forward to our continued collaboration in 2017.

Please enjoy the following highlights of BSP milestones this past year.







Celebrating the Holidays and Good Health at BSP Los Angeles


BSP Los Angeles in collaboration with SEIU hosted a successful toy drive and health fair! Health Fairs are an opportunity for everyone to engage in health related information. A special thanks to the organizations who provided free health screenings and resources to our participants and their families, including Kaiser Permanante, Faro Optometry, and Health Fax!

For more on this event, visit our Facebook page.

BSP Expands the Green Janitor Education Program


BSP is continuing to reduce the carbon footprint by expanding the Green Janitor Education Program (GJEP) to newer sites in San Diego, Orange County, and San Jose! The program teaches best practices for waste reduction, recycling, energy efficiency, and water conservation while empowering janitors to practice green habits in their workplace and at home.

For more on the GJEP visit our page.





HABLA Classes Launch at Stanford


HABLA Dia and Noche classes are underway, thanks to the partnership of Stanford University, Palo Alto Adult School, and SEIU!

This unique program connects Stanford students with the custodians who work at the university to build confidence in English language skills. The program fosters the relationship between the students and the worker as well as empowers the worker with English language literacy through one-on-one tutoring.





Working with CFED to Improve Financial Literacy



BSP Financial Literacy educators in Northern and Southern California are participating in a VITA Capability Cohort that will provide technical assistance and peer learning to improve financial capability services into BSP’s VITA program.

The partnership is in collaboration with the Corporation for Enterprise Development (CFED) and will help assess, measure, and communicate the impact of BSP’s Financial programs to stakeholders.

BSP’s VITA program has helped participants gain confidence and expertise when filing taxes as well as build community through Lending Circles.

Support our Efforts to Expand Citizenship and Civic Engagement for Janitors!

This month, drugs we are partnering with HIP Give to increase civic engagement and voter awareness among the Latino community! Becoming a naturalized citizen opens multiple doors to participate and give back to society, vialis 40mg but is only the first step to creating civically engaged citizens. It is essential that we not only continue to expand Citizenship services but give immigrant workers the confidence and skills in changing or enacting the policies that affect them.

Help us spread the word about our crowdfund by sharing our project

Expanding Citizenship and Civic Engagement among Immigrant Janitors

and using the hashtag #AsAnAmericanCitizen.

#AsAnAmericanCitizen, janitors are able to participate and give back to their community. How do you participate and give back to your community? Let us know and tag us on Facebook and Twitter.

We appreciate your help in making this new fundraising opportunity a success for our organization and those we serve!

The 2016 Mike Garcia Scholarship is Now Open

The BSP is currently accepting applications for the 2016 Mike Garcia Scholarship.




Building Skills Partnership was founded on the philosophy that education improves the quality of life for property service workers and their families.

With the rising cost of education and diminishing public funding, scholarships become even more critical. For many families, these college bound students are the first to graduate from high school and attend college. Property service workers across California work hard every night to keep offices clean and safe for tenants and office workers across the state.  The majority dream of their children attending college, but unfortunately the combination of their low-wages and the increasing cost of tuition prevent many from providing the financial support needed for their children to attend college. In a recent survey by UCLA, 51% of janitors anticipated that their children will have to work instead of going to college or work to pay their own way to achieve their dream of an education.

Building Skills Partnership is committed to supporting SEIU-USWW members and their children in their pursuit of higher education. With donations from individuals, employers, labor and SEIU-USWW, the Mike Garcia Scholarship and Building Skills Partnership have provided over 15 scholarships to students in 2015.  With the rising cost of education and diminishing public funding, these scholarships become even more critical.  For many families, these college bound students are the first to graduate from high school or adult school and attend college.