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ESL Courses Help Janitorial Workers Succeed; BSP Classes at Google Highlighted in CleanLink

Through a collaboration with Google and Brilliant General Maintenance (BGM), BSP provides English as a Second Language classes to improve the English proficiency of immigrant janitors. Recently, BSP’s ESL classes at Google were featured in a newsletter for sanitary supply distributors, building service contractors and in-house cleaning professionals. Below is an excerpt from the article:

“Daniel Montes Jr., Brilliant’s CEO, says one of his company’s goals with the English classes is to assist his staff in moving on to bigger and better things. “While many do stay on with our business and take supervisory positions, others use the training to start their own business or move on to higher paying jobs.”

BSP is proud to bridging cultures at the workplace through English Language training with the support of Brilliant General Maintenance and Google. Read the article on how strategic partnerships are giving janitorial workers the tools to succeed here:

BSP Awarded Grant from UnidosUS for Health and Wellness

BSP recently received a grant titled Comprando Rico y Sano (Buying Healthy and Flavorful Food) from UnidosUS that will instill healthy shopping and eating habits among Latinos through a variety of activities, including grocery store tours and cooking demonstrations in Orange County and Los Angeles. The grant will help expand health and wellness activities to workers and their children and implement cost-saving strategies that prove that healthy foods are affordable and accessible to all. We look forward to supporting the health and wellness of the Latino Community in Los Angeles and Orange County this year!

BSP’s ‘Green Jobs, Good Jobs’ Initiative Highlighted in Westside Today

BSP’s Green Jobs, Good Jobs initiative was recently recognized by Westside L.A. Today. The initiative will train immigrant workers, specifically janitors, in ‘green cleaning’ and energy conservation practices and elevate labor-management partnerships to meet the needs of a rapidly changing green industry. Executive Director, Aida Cardenas highlighted the initiative as “a testament to the commitment of employers and their clients who see the value janitors bring to sustainability efforts and to the janitors themselves, who are motivated to engage with their work.”

For the official Green Jobs, Good Jobs press release, click here.

Read the Westside Today article here.

Impact of the Green Janitor Education Program – A Study by SeedLA

Recently, BSP partnered with SeedLA, a nonprofit that provides pro-bono consulting to environmental and public health organizations. SeedLA undertook a research project for BSP’s Green Janitor Education Program (GJEP) to quantify the environmental, social, and economic impact of the GJEP to date and to strategize ways to expand the program to new buildings. Overall, SeedLA asserted the GJEP as “the easiest and least expensive green program for buildings to implement” (13). Using the report, BSP plans to continue expanding the GJEP statewide and elevate collaborative sustainability efforts to improve businesses and communities. To view the full report, visit our GJEP page. 

See below for a highlight page of the report or click here to download the PDF.




Advancing Skills and Opportunity for Immigrant Janitors – See the Partnership with Google

We are grateful for Google’s support to provide janitors with the tools to integrate into the community and workplace through English language learning and skills building.

Download the page highlighting our partnership.


Announcing New Press Release: “Demand Driven Program Fosters Immigrant Worker Success While Building a Pathway to an Inclusive Green Economy”





For Immediate Release

June 1, 2017

Press Contact: Luis Sandoval (213) 284-3814


“Demand Driven Program Fosters Immigrant Worker Success While Building a Pathway to an Inclusive Green Economy”


Los Angeles, CA – Building Skills Partnership (BSP) has recently launched an initiative termed “Green Jobs, Good Jobs” that will train immigrant workers, specifically janitors, in ‘green cleaning’ and energy conservation practices. Given that 90% of janitors are immigrant workers, the project recognizes immigrants as essential players in fulfilling the growing sustainability needs of high-rise buildings across California.

“The success of this initiative is a testament to the commitment of employers and their clients who see the value janitors bring to sustainability efforts and to the janitors themselves, who are motivated to engage with their work,” said BSP Executive Director, Aida Cardenas. “As we continue to have conversations with these key stakeholders, our goal is to advance equity among immigrant workers while continuing to innovate the model to have a lasting impact on business, workers, and the environment.”

“Green Jobs, Good Jobs” is funded by a grant totaling $520,000 from the California Workforce Development Board under the High Road Training Partnership Initiative. The project will promote strong labor-management engagement to meet the needs of the rapidly changing green industry while strengthening career pathways for low-wage workers into good jobs. Through engagement, diverse partners from high tech companies to commercial building across California will demonstrate their commitment to building a future of good jobs, green economies, and equitable businesses that actively value immigrant professionals. Participating companies include Blackstone (Oppenheimer & Co., Inc., Sun America Center, Santa Monica Business Park buildings), CBRE (Pacific Corporate Towers), Calsters (City National Plaza), DreamWorks Animation Studios, and JMB Realty (Constellation Place).

Building owners and janitorial employers rely on their janitorial employees to do the day-to-day work of maintaining a green building that adapts to rapidly changing sustainability standards. At the forefront of building operations, janitors are responsible for on-the-ground operations and maintenance activities that ultimately reduce energy, water consumption, and waste diversion. Leveraging the critical link between janitors and green companies, owners and employers recognize that the success of their environmental performance goals can only be achieved with a well-trained workforce. Investing in this largely immigrant workforce is a win-win that fosters healthy communities and profitable businesses.

Under “Green Jobs, Good Jobs,” janitors participate in a 30 hour certification training program in practices including energy efficiency, recycling, waste management, and water conservation. Furthermore, the project will intentionally support owner and employer leadership to shape the industry and define skills, standards, training, and upward career ladder opportunities for janitorial workers. With the support of the grant and collaboration from industry leaders, BSP will implement the project in Los Angeles as well as expand the program to Silicon Valley, Oakland, Sacramento, Orange County, and San Diego with high profile commercial buildings in the high tech, entertainment, and business industries. For a list of partnering janitorial companies, see this link: To learn more about the Green Janitor Education program, email




About Building Skills Partnership

The Building Skills Partnership is a 510(c)3 non-profit collaboration between SEIU-United Service Workers West, janitorial employers, building owners, and community leaders. BSP’s mission is to improve the quality of life for low-wage, property service workers and their families by increasing their skills, access to education, and opportunities for career and community advancement and participation. (


About our Collaborators

The”Green Jobs, Good Jobs” project is a collaboration between Building Skills Partnership (BSP), the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), the Building Owners and Managers Association of Greater Los Angeles (BOMA-GLA), responsible janitorial companies, building owners and Service Employees International Union-United Service Workers West (SEIU-USWW).


May Newsletter: Building a Healthy Future for Immigrant Workers

Studies show Latinos are disproportionately affected by illnesses such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Check out this month’s newsletter featuring the stories of janitors who are committing to a healthier lifestyle for themselves and their families, with the support of BSP’s Health and Wellness Program.

BSP Featured in California State Policy Guidelines for Serving Adult Learners

BSP was recently featured in the California Workforce Development Board Policy Brief on how to best serve English Language Learners (ELL) populations using best practices and model partnerships. Below is an excerpt from the report (pg 17). Click here to read the entire report.

Building Skills Partnership (BSP) is an example of a Labor Management Partnership that helps support low-wage workers through training opportunities and engagement with union employers. The program currently trains 5,000 workers a year, offering occupational training, vocational ESL, computer literacy, financial literacy, health and wellness, civic engagement and citizenship, and other job readiness skills across 100 employers. The program develops its training to fill the gaps based on existing adult education and workforce training in the local area. To learn more about the BSP program, visit

BSP is proud to play an active role participating in high road partnerships to advance equity among workers while providing value to business.

April Newsletter : Mapping Pathways for Financial Opportunity and Success

Our April Newsletter celebrates a successful tax season and the work of our staff, VITA volunteers and financial coaches. We are grateful for our funders and supporters that have made this tax season a great experience for immigrant workers and their families! Check out the impact stories here:


Partners at Sobrato Foundation Feature ADVANCE ESL Classes at LinkedIn

See pictures of BSP’s ADVANCE Vocational English Class at LinkedIn, thanks to the support and partnership of The Sobrato Foundation!