Building Skills Partnership

Computer Literacy

Computer class in Oakland CA

In BSP’s Computer Literacy courses, janitors and other low-wage workers learn the computer skills most important in keeping up with the technology of today. Classes are offered in three-month, 24-hour course blocks, and are taught by experienced teachers provided by our partnerships with the local community colleges in computer labs housed within the SEIU-USWW offices of Los Angeles, Orange County, Sacramento, San Jose, and Oakland.

Through a generous grant from Microsoft and Southern California Edison, the BSP has been able to provide up-to-date computers for students to use in these computer labs throughout the state of California. Through participation in the course, students are taught the basic functions of a computer as well as how to navigate the Internet, create an e-mail account, type, and use word-processing software. Students also learn how to access Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) programs online. Both access to these computer labs and the BSP’s computer donation program (which allows students to keep recycled computers) help to bridge the digital divide by giving workers access to technology they would not normally have. In the future, the BSP would like to expand its curriculum and course offerings to teach computer skills to those who would like to learn more advanced applications.