Building Skills Partnership

Vocational Training

The unique labor-business relationship allows the BSP to understand and tailor its programming for future workforce growth, as in the case for specialized green curriculum for janitors. There is an industry demand for lateral vocational training programs and green programs as it relates to property service workers as more buildings apply for and receive LEED certification by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). Building owners and property managers must address whole-building cleaning and maintenance issues to obtain LEED certification.

As part of its 70-hour ADVANCE (Workplace ESL and Job Skills) program, the BSP trains janitors to understand and implement the newest green building procedures and green cleaning methods. The BSP partners with union janitorial contractors and their client building owners to train SEIU members in the new SOPs, sustainable products and equipment, chemical handling and storage, and recycling procedures all required for LEED building certification.

The BSP emphasizes the importance of explaining to janitors the reasons and science behind these greener and energy conserving cleaning methods. The janitors show greater compliance and buy-in to adapting to new procedures when they truly understand how it benefits their health as well as the building and greater environment.

As the janitorial industry changes its techniques, equipment and systems, janitors are trained in cutting edge green cleaning methods.  This adds value and efficiency to responsible cleaning companies, helping them maintain accounts and creating job stability for their employees.