Building Skills Partnership

Health & Wellness

With the support from many partners including the California Wellness Foundation, BSP incorporates health education into every ADVANCE worksite English class and also offers stand-alone health workshops at worksites and union halls.  BSP’s curriculum includes thematic units, ranging from diabetes to stress management, that address the most pressing health concerns of our students.  In addition, culturally competent guest speakers visit the classes on occasion to speak about access to health care, recommend preventative strategies, answer participants’ questions, and make appropriate referrals. BSP also offers occupational safety information on an as needed basis. Participants can discuss and learn about potential health risks to workers such as exposure to chemicals and human pathogens, ergonomic and repetitive stress injuries, slips and falls.

In 2010, BSP partnered with Kaiser Permanente, the Labor Occupational Health Program, Street Level Health Project among other organizations to bring up-to-date and cultural competent health information to over 300 workers. In December 2010, BSP held its first health fair in Los Angeles, where we were able to offer not only health education and information, but also conduct blood pressure and glucose level screenings to the over 180 participants.

BSP has recently launched a pilot project that will develop peer health advocates (promotores) as part of our comprehensive approach to health education. Due to their unique and effective connections to communities, the promotores or health advocates model has proven to be highly effective for preventive campaigns and to create healthier communities. Promotores are community members who speak the same language, understand the culture, are familiar with the needs of their neighborhoods and worksites, and are trained in health education.