Building Skills Partnership

What Others Say of BSP

Increasing job skills through training and language acquisition are proven strategies to increase worker mobility and key to integrating immigrants within California. An innovative, pioneering effort, Building Skills Partnership (BSP) offers opportunities for low-skill workers to obtain mobility even as it improves service for customers and revenues for business. We need more of exactly these kinds of labor-community-business partnerships.

Manuel Pastor
Professor of American Studies and Ethnicity
Co-Director of Center for the Study of Immigrant Integration (CSII)
University of Southern California


Microsoft is pleased to partner with Building Skills Partnership to support their efforts in workforce training and skills development. These efforts are aligned with Microsoft’s global effort to support improvement in the quality and access to education. With unemployment rates at alarmingly high levels, we all need to work together to arm people with the skills they need to succeed in today’s changing economy.

Sid Espinosa
Director of Citizenship

 Strategic partnerships help non-profits do more with less and achieve what they never could on their own. Building Skills Partnership (BSP) has become a key partner for the Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) for reaching low-wage immigrants such as janitors whose work schedules make it difficult to attend regularly-scheduled classes. BSP collaborates with building owners, employers and the SEIU union to offer English, computer, citizenship, vocational, health and other basic skills classes to janitors at their union halls or worksites in exact hours they can attend.  Now more than ever, low-wage workers need opportunities to upgrade upgrade skills for advancing their careers and supporting their families. Each time a janitor achieves promotion, a job opens up at the bottom for LA’s most needy.

Chito Cajayon, Ed.D
Vice Chancellor of Workforce Development
Los Angeles Community College District

 It’s simple – when janitors have better English skills, we receive higher quality service. It just makes business sense to support BSP classes.

Dave Sears
JP Morgan

Finding experienced workers who can be promoted can be difficult because of the language barriers. BSP helps our workers break throug that barrier which is good for them and good for our company.

Tim Brekke
Vice President